Why rent a car in Iceland?

Iceland is not a big country – but big enough to need a car to get around. Reykjavík is a colourful and vibrant city but the countryside holds most of Iceland’s charm. It’s possible to drive around the whole country in less than 24 hours, along its ring road. The ringroad is 1332km and only one lane each way. The whole of it is paved and for the most part of it, you won’t see many other cars on the road. It’s therefore very easy to drive along it.

Many natural attractions can be found along the ring road, as well as by some of the nearby roads. The most popular tour in the country is the Golden Circle tour. Even though the Golden Circle is not on the ring road itself, it is easily reached by car if you’d like to drive it yourself. Self drive tours are the best way to explore the country, as you are in control and can decide how long to spend in each place.

Some of the roads in the country are a bit harder to navigate, especially in the Icelandic highlands, that are only accessible during summertime. Information about current road conditions and weather can be found at the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration. Always make sure you check the road conditions if you are planning to drive into the highlands – and note, off road driving is highly illegal and punishable with high fines. Please also leave your itinerary here at safetravel. To reach some destinations you won’t even have a road, as you’ll need to cross rivers or drive over glaciers – and that should only be left in charge by people that are used to driving in Icelandic conditions! If you’re looking for a glacier filled adventure you’d be better off going on a glacier tour, snowmobile tour or a crystal ice cave tour and explore these awesome ice caps by foot. Have fun exploring Iceland’s magnificent nature!